Craig & Fang

Craig and Fang are bilingual and can both speak fluent Mandarin Chinese. They are trained in migration law and practice, and have a sharp eye for migration law and policy issues that come up in applications.

Craig is a Masters Degree qualified English Second Language teacher who is an expert in communicating with those from other cultures who may not have strong English language skills. Craig also has experience in language analysis and formulation, which is highly relevant when it comes to writing formal legal submissions to support your visa or citizenship application case.


In his previous, extensive full-time career as a registered nurse (critical care / general medical-surgery / acute mental health), Craig also developed great patience and sensitivity, which he extends to all his migration clients. Some clients have physical or mental health, or other sensitive psychosocial / relationship issues that need to be broached as part of the application, and with Craig's depth of clinical experience this will always be done with consummate communication skills.

Fang is a computer whiz and very much the engine behind the administrative, form and documentation collation part of the application. Between the two of them they have all the essential skills you need from a quality migration agent covered.

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